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The GasGlance Toolbar offers convenient web search, homepage, and default search. More info.


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The GasGlance™ Toolbar includes a lot of useful features.



It gives you access to search for different information with the built-in search bar and it also includes some of the most popular products on the web for making communication easier, more expressive, and more entertaining.




1) With the search bar, you can use the most popular search engines without having to visit their websites. When you enter a term in the Search bar, the indicated search engine is queried, and the search results are displayed.

2) The GasGlance™ Map Search, one of the best features of the GasGlance™ Toolbar helps to Get Directions and Find Locations with the help of well-known maps engines to make everything easy and fast.  it is useful to compare your directions in more than one map service provider, because they all could be slightly different, and you get to choose the best one.

3) The Map Links menu gives you access to a lot of links for maps including Satellite and Aerial maps and also Directions.

4) The Traffic Tab helps to Find Cheap Gasoline including live traffic so you could plan your fastest route. You can view the local traffic, get access from traffic cameras and also view traffic maps.

5) One of the great features also with GasGlance™ Toolbar is the printable coupons tab where you could get access to print coupons from various websites.

Discover the best gas prices.

All-in-one GasGlance™ Toolbar!

With an entertaining Toolbar that gives you nearby rates of local gas stations, you can save money in your city. Prepare for your next shopping trip and fill up at that low-priced gas station around the corner. It's an excellent idea to be as inexpensive as possible in this awful economy with towering gas prices.



GasGlance™ Toolbar is indeed the most complete worldwide Toolbar on the Internet. A productive gizmo for everyone, all-in-one GasGlance™ Toolbar!


The GasGlance Toolbar offers convenient web search, homepage, and default search. More info.